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A Timeless Living Room in Oak Mountain Park, Carrollton, Georgia

This home belongs to a retired couple who moved to town to be close to their only son and his family. They chose a beautiful, spacious home. She began by describing her vision for the room as a contemporary room with a beautiful, curved sofa.  Even though it was a fairly small space, the room needed to seat six to eight adults. As we worked through the selection process on the furniture, it became clear that she really did not want contemporary furniture at all. She wanted a formal living room with an elegant and unique feel about it and some contemporary touches in the room. She simply wanted her living room to stand out and be very special. The living room is to the right off a large front foyer with a very traditional and elegant dining room opposite. Her only color specification was that it flows with the green and gold from the family room in the back of the house. The dining room already had a beautiful red rug on the floor.

This client had worked with other Carrollton Georgia interior designers on the family room and was not happy with the results which remained incomplete. She was very concerned about repeating the same experience again in the living room. The window has beautiful mullions in the transom that deserved to show. The built-in bookcase is an interesting architectural feature and she didn’t want to fill it with stuff.  A unique and elegant room was crucial to her vision.

Once we began to work together, she could begin to see the room come together in the way she wanted. We selected a red and khaki color scheme, using simple, elegant fabrics. The sofa was the first selection meeting her desire for a curved piece. The fabric for the sofa became the roadmap for the color scheme in the room. Then we selected other upholstered pieces that had clean, simple lines that were almost contemporary but would still make sense in the traditional settings surrounding them. Special decorative pieces were selected for the occasional tables rather than the usual traditional end tables. The furniture was arranged to almost spill out into the foyer to immediately invite guests into the room. The window treatments make a simple but elegant frame for a beautiful window! The colors were deliberately subtle with just an accent of red in the tassel tieback used to accent the cascade over the drapery panel. The bookcase was filled with a new collection of vases in a variety of styles, set up in an uncluttered, almost museum, style. The art in the room is framed needlepoint in bold flowers for a maximum impact from the front door. The mixture of traditional and contemporary accessories add to the interest in the room and bring that uniqueness that the client so desired. The very contemporary plant stand placed in one corner gave her another touch of that contemporary uniqueness she loved. In addition, we added a round rug to the foyer like the one in the living room, filling that space with color and drama. The room is classic and timeless.  The advantages of having a Carrollton GA interior designer are obvious.

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